Rum and Raisin Truffles

With the holidays around the corner the pace in the kitchen has picked up and little holiday treats are on the menu. One such special treat is rum and raisin truffles. 

Here is what you need:

75g raisins, chopped

80 ml dark rum

180 ml cream

600 g dark chocolate finely chopped

100g  Cocoa


1. Place raisins and rum in a bowl and set aside.

2. Put cream in a small pot and bring to a boil.

3. Place chocolate in a small, heat proof bowl and place bowl over boiling water so that the chocolate can slowly melt. Pour hot cream over it and stir continuously with a metal spoon until it melts and is smooth.

4. Stir in the raisins

5. Allow the melted chocolate to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes.

6. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or until slightly firm.

7. Roll teaspoonfuls of the truffle mix to form round balls and place them on a flat pan.

8. Sprinkle with Cocoa and serve.

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Stainless Steel Magnetic Containers and Rack

#pckt #sponsored

#pckt #sponsored

I love to organize and when I saw the stainless steel magnetic containers and rack I thought that they might be very useful to organize a variety of items in either my office, art room or the kitchen. I like the sleek and stylish design and how easy it was to set it up.


The rack has six individual containers that are quite specious and have see through lids made of clear plastic. The lid turns and can be used as a dispenser to shake or pour out the contents, which is great for herbs and spices. The magnet is strong enough to keep the containers in place, yet allows you to easily remove the individual pods as needed. My biggest problem is where to use them - in the office to store away paperclips,tacks and other small items or in the craft room to store away beads and buttons , or in the kitchen for spices that I use most often.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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KitchenWorldwide Stainless Steel Salad Spinner

I’ve love eating salad, but can’t stand it when the salad becomes soggy after washing the ingredients. Therefore I have used salad spinners for years and really like how they get rid of all the extra moisture. This bowl is stainless steel and large and remains steady when you use the spinner. After spinning the lettuce it was almost the like I had towel dried the leaves. The salad spinner and vegetable keeper are both dishwasher safe.

The sharp lettuce cutting knife and lettuce/food container with lid are nice add on bonuses to have. The lettuce food container has a reservoir to collect moisture and is leak proof. I noticed that veggies put in the container stayed fresher than those placed in the regular fridge sections. There is even a dial where you can adjust the amount of air coming into the container. This set comes in a large box and is ideal to give as a housewarming gift or as a gift for newlyweds.

I received the salad spinner at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Easiest Way to Cut Pineapple and Watermelons

#BZTZWatermelonSlicer&PineappleCorer Sponsored

Having kids means having snacktime and it's something that I have become so used to that I continue to grab a snack even after my kids have grown and moved out. Having healthy snacks on hand is the key to a good midday boost. I love pineapples and watermelon, but I really don't care much for cutting them up since it's such a messy task. That's until I discovered the BZTZ watermelon slicer & pineapple corer. Now these fruits can be cut quickly, without making a huge mess. All the juice stays in the bottom of the hollowed out fruit, so countertops stay clean.

How to cut a Pineapple with the Corer

  1. Cut the top of the pineapple off using a knife. 
  2. Center the corer over the pineapple and start turning it 
  3. Once you reach the bottom pull out the core by lifting the handle upward
  4. the pineapple will be cut in a spiral and will be attached to the core
  5. Take off the handle and turn the whole thing upside down and let the pineapple slide into  a large container. 


How to cut a Watermelon with the Slicer

  1. Cut the watermelon in half
  2. Hold the watermelon cutter against the inside of the watermelon and push down and towards you
  3. Then lift the slice out by squeezing the sides together

I received the BZTZ Watermelon Slicer and Pineapple Corer at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review. I like that the tools are made of stainless steel and that the grip feels good in my hand. The package comes with easy to follow directions. The watermelon slicer takes a bit of getting used to, but I love how easy it is to cut evenly sized pieces without that big mess. This set also makes for a great gift.

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Organic Granola made by Granologist with Autism

With so many choices of snacks on the market, I tend to look for snacks that are organic and healthy. Luv Michael organic, gluten free granola fits that criteria, tastes good and has a nice crunch to it. 

At Luv Michael's each batch is hand mixed and here is where it gets interesting, the company employs individuals with Autism who they call "Granologists" to do the mixing. I love this idea! By empowering "Granologists" with living wages and independent life skills, they are helping a segments of society that is often overlooked in the work force to make their mark and become semi self sufficient. 

The person behind the non profit Luv Micheals is Michael Kessaris , who is an 18 year old with autism. He loves cooking and wanted to enroll in culinary school, but without a high school diploma that was not possible. So his parents came to the help and now his organic granola bars are available in all New York Fresh ‡ Co. , Cafe Metro and Wild Nature stores as well as select Starbucks locations. 

I love to support organizations who not only create a good product, but also give thought about how to help others in this world. There are many children who have autism and  offering them a way to become independent is a great program.

  • According to the Center for Disease Control, autism is the fastest growing developmental disability. In the United States, 500,000 teens with autism will age into adulthood over the next decade.

  • With the disability affecting 1 in 68 births and rising, employment for the maturing autistic population has become an increasingly significant challenge for many. The success of Luv Michael is even more compelling, considering that employment for those on the autistic spectrum is lowest among those with disabilities.

  • 90% of adults with autism are underemployed or unemployed.

We are creating a workforce development program for adults living with autism and other developmental disabilities, transitioning out of the existing educational system. Participants will enroll in our Luv Michael Employment & Independent Living program, consisting of traditional academic education, business development, fitness & nutrition, and the opportunity to become certified in ServSafe.
As a non-profit, Luv Michael is grateful for all tax deductible donations big and small.
Every bag of granola purchased and every dollar donated is another piece of the puzzle to helping educate, train and employ individuals with autism.
Thanks for helping Share The LUV!
— Luv Micheals

 I received the Luv Micheal organic granola bars complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review about them. The granolas are bite size and have a nice crunch to them. Fruit is in them as well and I like eating them as a snack. 



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Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


Adding a bit of spice to your dishes enhances the flavor of your dishes and what better way than to use a nice looking salt and pepper grinder set. But why not take it a step further and use the grinder set for other spices like chili peppers or dried lemons. There are many spices on the market that when ground up into a fine powder can really enhance the flavor of sauces and salad dressings. 

I have several of these spice grinders that are made out of durable stainless steel handy in my kitchen. I like the size and contemporary look of these grinders. They are easy to fill and do a great job grinding. 

I received the #saltandpeppergrinderset at a discounted rate in exchange for this unbiased review. I really like this grinder set and would recommend it. I have three of them now and that's how much I like them. 

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Chaga Mushroom Tea

What is Chaga?

The Chaga Mushroom is not exactly a good looking fungi, but Chaga is hailed as the "King of Medicinal Mushrooms". Because of  it's many health benefits this is a very special medicinal mushroom that is gaining popularity in the west for its powers and taste when consumed in the form of chaga tea. Chaga's benefits have long been known in the East, where Chaga has been used for centuries by people in Siberia, Russia and other parts of Asia.

What are Chaga's Health Benefits?

Before drinking a lot of Chaga tea it is advisable to consult with your physicians for any side effects. Studies have shown so far that chaga tea can stimulate and regulates the immune system. Chaga mushrooms from Maine and Canada have been recognized as one among the top 8 sources of antioxidants on ORAC scale

  • Nutritional support in the fight against cancer
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Anti-aging & Skin
  • Ulcers and Gastritis
  • Supports normal Cholesterol levels & Blood Pressure
  • HIGH CONTENT OF SUPER-OXIDE DISMUTASE(SOD): SOD acts as an antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory in the body neutralizing the free radicals than can lead to wrinkles or dangerously harmful cell changes
  • IMMUNE SUPPORTING PROPERTIES: Chaga mushrooms from Maine and Canada is known to be a rich source of beta glucans and polysaccharides that are essential nutrients for the immune system
  • 100 TIMES STRONGER THAN CHLOROPHYLL: Studies have shown that Chaga mushroom from Maine and Canada is 100 times stronger than chlorophyll that's present in green vegetables

I strongly recommend watching this very informative video below. It's a bit long, but really delves into all the benefits of this mushroom.

How to Prepare Chaga Tea

1. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a tea kettle

2. Fill a mesh tea ball with 4 tsp of Chaga Powder

3. When water has come to a boil place 4 cups in a tea kettle and add the Chaga mesh tea ball and let it seep for 10 minutes.

4. Stir every now and then and watch as the color turns darker and darker.

5. Chaga Tea is a bit bitter, it is often used as a coffee substitute so you might want to sweeten it up with some honey. 

I received the Chaga Mushroom Tea at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I liked the quality of this tea and am excited to have found Chaga Mushroom tea.

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