Benefits of using a Memory Foam Knee Pillow


Good posture is very important to protect your back from strain and eventual back problems as you age. As kids we are told not to slouch and to sit up straight. As we enter the work space we soon come to realize that sitting for hours on end hunched over a desk creates aches and pains in shoulders and lower back. What we seldom hear though it that how we sleep can also affect posture and spin alignment. 

In order to protect your back while sleeping there are a few things you can do. 

1. Choose a Good Mattress

A soft mattress might feel good when you first try it out, but ideally it should support the natural curves of the spine and be comfortable. If you have back problems you might want to consult with your physician and see which mattress is best for your condition. I have herniated disks and spinal stenosis and have opted for a firm mattress, which I  will write about in a future post. 

2. Choose a supportive Pillow for your head

A pillow should not be too high, because it will put strain on your neck, shoulder and back. It's best to choose a pillow that will keep your body aligned when you sleep. The goal is to keep ears, shoulders and his aligned.

3. Choose a Knee Pillow for better spine alignment

- If you sleep on  you back use a small pillow and tuck it under your knees. It will take pressure off your spine.

- Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach puts stress on your spine. If you absolutely have to sleep on your stomach than do not use a pillow so that your head position is flat on the mattress.

- Use a knee pillow if you are a side sleeper. A knee pillow helps to open up the hips, keeps knees apart and takes off the stress put on your back. A knee pillow also encourages circulation in the lower part of your body, which promotes healing as you sleep. 

I used to prop a body pillow between my legs, but found it a bit too large.  Recently I purchased the Memory Foam Knee Pillow at a discounted rate and thought give this one a try.

The Memory Foam Knee Pillow with Laminated Cooling Gel Pad feels incredible comfortable.  It eases back, leg, knee, ankle and joint pain by providing proper spine alignment while sleeping. The pillow measures 10x8x6 inches and has a washable cover. You simply prop the pillow between your knees. I have now used the pillow for almost a week and wish that it would be a bit larger. It seems that when I turn while sleeping the pillow moves away from my knees. Bummer - I really like how it feels and will have to figure out how to make it stay in place.

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