Why your Aquarium Needs an Air Pump

Why does an aquarium need an air pump?

Air Pumps are useful in a fish tank because they supply air stones with the oxygen needed to bubble and create a fine mist of air. In order for your fish to stay healthy the tank water needs to be provided with oxygination. The constant movement that is created by water moving through the tank prevents build up and lessens the chance of making areas with less circulation stagnant. Stagnant debris build up can make your fish sick and cause all sorts of diseases, among them Fish Tail rot. 

An air pump does not filter the water. It simply blows bubbles into the water.

The air pump itself will sit outside your tank. A piece of tubing will then run from the air pump, into your tank water and connect to something called an air stone. Some decorative items in a tank as well as some filters, such as corner filters and under gravel filters work better with an air pump. 

How You Can tell if your Tank needs an Air Pump

  • Increased gill movement – you may see your goldfish’s gills moving more than normal, as if it is breathing heavily
  • Decreased activity – your goldfish won’t move much and may appear to be asleep
  • Gasping at the surface – you may spot your goldfish going to the surface and appearing to gulp for air

Choosing the Right Air Pump Size

Air pumps come in different sizes depending on the size of your tank.  Most air pumps will state on the packaging up to what tank size they can be used for. When you install your air pump you want to see lots of air bubbles coming from your air stone and have the water surface rippling with motion. That's a good indication that the air pump generates enough movement in the tank. 

I recently reviewed the Hpumps Aquarium Air Pump which is made for fish tanks up to 50 gallon and which comes with an air stone and air tube. My old air pump was rather noisy and I wanted to find something that is quiet and suitable for my tank. The Heyi Air Pump is driven by apiezoelectric ceramic plate. It is super small. light weight and extremely quiet.

How to Connect an Air Pump and Air Stone


  • To install you simply connect the Air Stone to the Air Tube
  • Connect Air Tube to Air Pump Outlet
  • Stick provided suction cup to the Air Pump and then attach to outside  wall of the aquarium tank 
  • Immerse Air Stone into the Aquarium tank
  • You can shorten the airtime by cutting it with scissors
  • Plug in and watch as the stone gives off tiny air bubbles

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Petoyo® EarthFriendly Dog Waste Bags With Dispenser

I always get really upset when I see people walking their dogs without a waste bag. God only know how many time I had to clean up after someone else's dog, which is really not considered and well, disgusting.  There are so many great products out there that pet owners can purchase to keep our parks and street clean of waste. 

Recently I received the Petoyo® Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags for review which come in this cute yellow dispenser that can easily be hooked to just about anything .

The bags measure 9x14 inches and are made of EPI strong plastic that does not easily tear.

I actually tested the bags for their strength and filled them with 10 small apples. If you need to hold more for your dog, then may god help you. The bags were sturdy enough and did not give under the weight of so many apples!

The bags have a slight lavender scent and are easy to open. Inside the container the bags are held in place and easily are removed from the round opening. 

Refilling the container is done by pulling off the bottom and a slight twist. Super easy and great for people who have arthritis in their hands. 

The bright banana yellow makes it easy to spot the bags too. 

So overall I really think #PetoyoWasteBags is a great product. 

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Collapsible Colorful Dog Travel Bowl Set

Sponsored by Good Dog

Keeping your pets hydrated while on the go can sometimes be a bit challenging. I used to pack a water bottle for my Yorkie, but that wasn't really very convenient when it came time for him to take a drink. That's why I really like this Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl Set. 3 Pet dog bowls for food or water + Clips & Whistles makes this a really nice set to have. 

The bowls are extremely light and do not take up much room. I think they are great for keeping in the car, in a pet carrier and even hooked up to a backpack. The colors are bright, which makes them easy to spot and size wise ideal for small to mid size dogs. I am not sure if perhaps the bowls would be a bit too small for large size dogs. You would probably have to hold the bowl for the pet to drink from. I received these bowls for review purposes and overall think that they are great. Here is some more product info...

• They are made of the highest quality Silicone, under certified facilities, are not-toxic and will never harm your pet’s health! BPA-Free & FDA approved!
• Feature an unmatched collapsible design and can be folded to become only 1cm thick. Fits comfortably in any bag or purse!
• Also, feature a special pre-holed handle, so you can hang your bowl and carry it hassle free without consuming any space!
• Are extra durable and ideal for every active dog that wants to play with its bowl instead of eat!
• Thanks to their construction, these plastic pet bowls are extremely lightweight and perfect for traveling, camping or just going for a walk!


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What to do when your Dog is Choking - Pet CPR

Nothing is scarier than finding your pet choking on something and not knowing how to get it out.  When I spotted this on I figured it's worthy passing on to you. 

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Wrapped in Love - Blankets for Rescued Pets

Isn't social media great? It offers so many opportunities to get involved in various causes with just the click of a few buttons. As a member of the Blog Paws forum, I saw a Jessica from Pet Talk Media had posted a letter she had received about an organization of donors who sew or knit blankets and other items for rescue dogs. Here is the letter:

Wrapped in Love” is a family of fabric crafters that make blankets for rescued dogs in need. We do no fundraising, buying or selling. As a group we donate handmade blankets, belly bands, diapers, and coats to rescue groups. Giving warmth to the cold, and calm to a fearful dog during the transition of the adoption phase. A family of friends, no drama, no budget, no buying and selling, just good people “paying it forward.” We are only looking for a share with your followers. Some of them just might like to make blankets or our other items for rescued dogs on the side. :) You can find us at and

Of course I headed straight over to the Wrapped in Love website  and signed up. I have boxes of yarn in the garage that are perfect for making blankets. What I like best about taking part in this project is that there are no deadlines or quotas to meet. Each member can work at their own pace and donate as many handmade items as they are capable of creating. Such little investment and time dedication can make such a huge difference for a shelter pet, by keeping it warm. I am totally on board with this idea! 

The group's Facebook page also offers more information and they provide help with patterns and sizes requirements. 

I think Brody's portrait was the catalyst to get on board with this new group of generous artisans who donate their time and skills to help animals in need. If you like to sew or knit, consider joining the group.

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Perfect Memorials

Losing one's pet has to be one of the most heart wrenching things we have to go through. I know it took me over a year to finally stop crying every time I either thought of my Yorkie or saw one that reminded me of him. 

I also have to admit that I still have his little cremated remains in a pretty little box in a drawer by my night stand. I know its weird, but I just can't put it in the ground. Maybe one day… My Benji passed away from kidney failure while we were visiting my daughter in San Francisco. Everything happened so fast that I was in total shock. My daughter took over for me and since she knew how much by little baby meant to me - darn it - I am tearing up again….

Sorry folks, I can’t go there or I won't be able to finish writing this post. I wanted to tell you about Perfect Memorials and the lovely products they offer. 

If you have you lost a loved one and would like to create a lasting memory, Perfect Memorials has the perfect memorial product; keepsake jewelry, pet memorials, markers and comfort products. Unique memorial products from wearable jewelry to outdoor memorials. Many of the memorial products are uniquely crafted by skilled artisans representing the uniqueness of our loved ones.

Perfect Memorials is having a contest for a chance to win a Trail to My Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Necklace.

To win one of these keepsake pendants that holds a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers, simply click the link below. These beautiful pendants where created and designed by a professional jeweler and can easily be worn or displayed making them a treasured memorial for years to come. Simply click the link below to enter to win one of these keepsakes.

Click here to enter the contest.




Since 2001 families have chosen Perfect Memorials for their unique memorial products. Year after year loyal customer and many referrals helped Perfect Memorials to grow to be one of the most well-known companies for memorial products. If you're looking to create a lasting memory, look to Perfect Memorials. With hundreds of products, free ground shipping and personalization available, Prefect Memorials is the perfect choice.

Perfect Memorials

“This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.”
— Enzie
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Recognizing Symptoms of Colic Horse Health

Did you know that your ability to recognize some key behaviors in your horse can determine your horse's longevity? 5-8 horses out of every 100 horses will get colic in their lifetime. Recognizing some key features as outlines by Sharon North Pohl, Founder of can be life savers and save you between $6,000 and $12,000 dollars in surgery costs alone. 

Colic can be prevented with changes in awareness and adjustments to horse keeping.  So go ahead and print out this PDF  and put it up at the stable so everyone can see it. 

About Zealous Horses

Zealous Horses is dedicated to providing equestrian enthusiasts access with a like-minded community. Come along for the ride and strengthen your bond with your horse partner as well as other horse lovers. We strive to educate, inspire and encourage you to live as zealously as possible. Whatever your experience; you may be a professional, an average horse enthusiast or a young rider, we have walked in your boots. We understand and through 30 years of working with and loving horses we have discovered resources to help keep you and your horse living zealously. We provide hot tips on all areas of horse keeping and a horse community for you to join-in for guidance and inspiration; where you can contribute making your journey more connected, enjoyable and zealous. Come along with Sharon North Pohl and our panel of experts to explore and contribute to a great community.


You can learn more about horse health  connect with Zealous Horses via her Website  * Facebook * Twitter @zealoushorses * Pinterest * G+ * Instagram and Youtube

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